The New York Knicks season is over and once again the team failed to make the playoffs for the third straight year.

The Knicks won a meager 15 more games this season than last year, but one thing remained consistent, there ability to lose games down the stretch.

Almost on cue when the game came down to the last few minutes the opposition took over and claimed the win.

I have been a Knicks fan my whole life and disappointment is a true emotion for any fan of this team.

I'm sure Carmelo Anthony is not happy about being labeled a loser, but at least he's got millions of dollars for his efforts.

The best moves the Knicks made this past season was the signing of Robin Lopez, he has been one of the most consistent players and I give an A+ for this acquisition.

Aaron Afflalo has shown moments, but he has also been a dud many times, I give him a C.

The draft selections this year were excellent, Kristaps Porzingus and Jerian Grant were both A's in my book, and they will make the team better next season.

Lance Thomas and Derrick Williams were contributors off the bench and I would grade them as B's, and Joes Calderon is a veteran player who did help, but he is another aging point guard with limitations, also a B.

This teams needs to sign a skilled point guard this off season, there will be several free agents out there.

I know Phil Jackson is planing his next move and he needs to get this team some talent to finish games and get into the post season.

So once again we say goodbye to another losing season with hopes for next season.

Go Knicks!