KISS singer-guitarist Paul Stanley came to the defense of a young child after a painting they supposedly created for a school project was reportedly given disapproving marks by their instructor.

As told by PopCrush, internet users' reaction to the tale propelled it virally last week. Stanley's response only added to its reach. So what's the story? Well, according to an April 21 account relayed by a Twitter user named Gemma (@GemLeighton), her 6-year-old daughter, Edie, created a colorful painting for her after-school art club, only to be told she had completed the assignment wrong by her art teacher.

The supportive mother then shared the art on the social networking service, including the narrative of the discouraged young student.

"My 6 year old daughter painted this amazing scene at an after school art club," Gemma explained. "Her art teacher told her she had done it wrong?! You can't do art wrong! She was so upset as art is her favorite thing to do. Can you please show Edie some support and like her painting?"

The message received plenty of encouraging replies in return, including the one from Stanley that praised the student's artistic pursuit and clapped back at detractors.

"Your art is AWESOME!!!" the KISS rocker tweeted to Edie through her mother. "There is no such thing as doing art 'wrong.' There are only teachers who are wrong!!! Your art shows amazing freedom and spirit. How can that be 'wrong'?!?! Keep doing EXACTLY what you are doing. I LOVE it!!!"

Others joined the chorus of approval as well, with at least one pointing out that some of the artistic choices in the painting mirror that of a 20th century French Fauvist painter who also created colorful scenes.

"Gemma, show Edie this picture by the French artist, Raoul Dufy," a Twitter user named @pictureladyjan replied, "and please tell her that her painting reminded me of his pictures. I would get Edie's picture made into a card or canvas print, or both."

After all was said and done, it looks like the onslaught of encouragement got through to the young artist.

"Edie would like to thank everyone for the kind and encouraging support," Gemma added after the outpouring. "She feels much more confident than she did this morning and will continue with her art."

In another comment, the mother said she was "absolutely blown away by all the amazing positive comments about Edie’s painting. I was not expecting such an answer! Thanks to everyone who liked them and left comments. In fact, they have made a 6 year old very happy."

Regarding Stanley's response, Gemma told CNET that it's "safe to say Edie is definitely in the KISS Army now!"

What do you think of Edie's painting? What would you tell your small child if they created an artwork that was criticized by their teacher?

Fans of the painting can check out more of Edie's art over at

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