The day has arrived. I just received the call that my brand new glider chair and glider ottoman has arrived at the furniture store. Don't laugh, I've wanted a glider chair for a long time, I just forgot over the past few years that I eventually wanted to buy one. And now I have.

Yes, I like chairs that rock. The chairs around the firepit at my campground all rock to a point anyway. They are not like a normal rocker, but the back gives a little bit to simulate a rocker. And yes, they are designed to do that.

Now here's the problem. Space in my house is quickly becoming filled. Granted, I live in a small house, but it's going to be interesting getting this glider to the area I want it to be. First, I have to discard the chair it's replacing. Thing is, what do I do with that chair?

It's a computer chair and it's still in decent condition, so I'd hate to just throw it out. But, I have no room to store it, so it will most likely be put to the curb. Now I just need to do the same for other things taking up room in my house and sheds that I no longer use, or no longer works.

I have broken computer printers, humidifiers, kitchen gadgets, boxes from items I no longer own and computer chairs that just need to go. Some of those items can't just be thrown out to the curb. Things like electronics need to taken to the county landfill.

And don't get me going on the crap filling up my basement. Three decades of throwing stuff down there just to forget about it, is filling up my basement. Hoarding? Nah. At least I don't think so.

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