The Village of Johnson City is helping its residents get rid of some old junk and that could mean avoiding an unexpected and expensive bill.


The Village is holding a Municipal Cleanup Day on Saturday, October 26, allowing residents to drop off old electronics at the Public Works Garage, free of charge.  The collection is taking place from 7 to 11 a.m. for Village residents only.

The collection could be important to note for people who have electronic items to get rid of that aren’t the normal curb-side collection fare as noted by residents recently who have gotten a big bill to have a big clunker taken away.

You could be charged over $100 for removal of an item like a television as the Village cannot collect electronics on a normal basis.

Ignorance is no excuse, a resident recently received a $105 charge for having a television taken away.  An appeal to have that charge dropped since the resident didn't know any better was rejected.

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