Technology is amazing...pretty much right up until you get it home.  Then, something new comes out and what you just bought is worthless.  Or is it?

How many times have you bought the newest phone or computer or tablet just to get it home and then see an ad for the same thing...only newer?

You just paid a fortune for something that is already out of date.  But you use it for as long as you can anyway knowing that you probably paid way too much for it.  Then when it's time to upgrade, you put that one aside and go get the newest thing you can find again, right?

Chances are, you don't do anything with the original piece of technology because when you got it home, there was already something else that was newer.  Nobody is going to want this old piece of junk, right?


Now, those CD players and VHS machines might not be worth much (yet) so you might want to either throw those out or pack them away somewhere until they become collector's items.

But phones, tablets, computers, and stuff like that could be worth at least a little bit of money to you.  According to a study, the average American is sitting on about $200 (per person) of unused technology in their house.

The trick is that you can't sit on it.  The longer you hold onto it, the less it will be worth.  And why are you holding on to that old phone anyway?  What are you going to do with it?  The same survey said the average person holds onto an old cell phone for more than a year after they get a new one . . . and one in 10 people keep their old phones for at least three years.

You could have $200 in your hand!  Get on the internet and sell that stuff!


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