According to a report by Greg Cergol of NBC New York, a New York couple was shocked when they were driving on Long Island and a flying pumpkin smashed into their car windshield.

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According to the report, 22-year-old Nick Costi was driving with his girlfriend when a passing car threw a pumpkin out their window, which smashed into his windshield and nearly broke through entirely. Apparently, it was a poorly thought out Halloween prank that could have caused serious damage, but Costi and his girlfriend walked away from the incident unharmed.

It feels stupid to have to say this, but don't throw pumpkins at moving cars as a prank. In fact, don't throw anything at moving cars. Everybody involved in this incident was lucky to walk away uninjured with significant damage to the car, but this incident could have gone a lot worse if the pumpkin had broken through the windshield fully or if it caused Costi to lose control of his car.

And what exactly is the payoff for the prank? A good prank turns into a story you and your friends can tell in the future when nobody almost loses their life because of it. If you told someone you once threw a pumpkin at a stranger's car and almost killed them, I don't think the people listening to your story are going to like you very much.

Suffolk County Police told NBC that they're still searching for the suspect, and that if they can identify him or her, charges will be filed.

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