Broome County prosecutors are reporting two convicted drug felons are heading to New York State Prison.

In the latest report from the Broome County District Attorney’s office on County Court activity released on August 29, one sentencing and one plea have been completed.

Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (file)
Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News (file)

Officials report 47-year-old Gregory Jackson of the Bronx has been sentenced to three years in state prison to be followed by two years post-release supervision after pleading guilty to Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance.  Authorities say Jackson admitted possessing cocaine and fentanyl he intended to sell.

Jackson was arrested this past March, on the 31st by the Broome County Special Investigations Unit Task Force.

SIU executed a search warrant on a vehicle being driven by Jackson in the Village of Johnson City.  Police say they recovered the cocaine and fentanyl in the vehicle.

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Meanwhile, prosecutors say 44-year-old Michael Carley of Johnson City and Anderson, South Carolina pleaded guilty to felony drug possession in Broome County Court.

Carley’s arrest came on January 20th of this year when Vestal Police conducted a traffic stop.  Police had stopped the vehicle driven by Carley for a suspended registration.

Authorities said they took Carley into custody due to a warrant on an unrelated charge and, as they were placing him under arrest, they say they found one-eighth of an ounce of methamphetamine.

The District Attorney’s Office says Carley will be sentenced to two years in New York State Prison followed by two years post-release supervision.  Sentencing has been scheduled for the end of November before Judge Joseph Cawley.

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