A man from the Rochester area is in serious trouble after a bizarre series of events involving the theft of an Uber, a police pursuit, and a physical altercation with officers in the Town of Dickinson and City of Binghamton.

The incident unfolded on Sunday, March 10, 2024, around 4:40 p.m., when Broome County Sheriff’s Office patrols responded to a reported vehicle theft at Helio Health on Glenwood Road in the Town of Dickinson.

The suspect, identified as Jeffrey C. Lane, 35, was at the scene awaiting EMS assistance when impatience seemingly got the better of him. Instead of waiting for help, Lane decided to call for a taxi.

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Coincidentally, an Uber driver arrived to drop off a passenger at that moment. Lane's impulsive actions led to a physical altercation with the Uber driver, during which he forcibly removed the driver from his red Honda Civic and fled the scene in the stolen vehicle.

Law enforcement quickly located the stolen vehicle on Clinton Street in the City of Binghamton. When approached by a deputy, Lane attempted to flee, instigating a high-speed pursuit through city streets. The reckless chase ended with Lane losing control of the stolen vehicle, crashing onto a sidewalk, and attempting to escape on foot. Despite initial resistance, Lane was eventually apprehended following a physical struggle with officers.

Subsequent events saw Lane making erratic requests for medical assistance, initially claiming illness and later refusing any treatment upon arrival at Binghamton General Hospital. His behavior escalated further while in custody, leading to a confrontation with deputies which resulted in his aggressive behavior being subdued.

As a result of his actions, Jeffrey C. Lane faces severe charges including robbery, grand larceny, reckless endangerment, possession of stolen property, fleeing a police officer, resisting arrest, and multiple traffic violations. With charges spanning multiple jurisdictions, Lane was arraigned in both the Town of Dickinson and Binghamton City Court and remains in custody.

The investigation involved collaborative efforts from the New York State Police, City of Binghamton Police, and Broome County Sheriff’s Office.

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