According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), motor vehicle crashes are a leading cause for death among children. That is a chilling fact.

For the year 2020, 607 children aged 12 and under were killed in motor vehicle crashes in the U.S.. and over 63,000 were injured. The CDC notes that 38 percent of children in that age range were not buckled up. That's why child safety seats are so important along with properly securing a child in those types of seats.

The CDC reports that for the year 2019, researchers observed children riding in cars, they found:

  • 3% of children under age 1 were not buckled up
  • 6% of children 1–3 years old were not buckled up
  • 14% of children 4–7 years old were not buckled up
  • 13% of children 8–12 years old were not buckled up

The Broome County Sheriff's Office  and the Broome County Traffic Safety Program along with the Governor's Traffic Safety Committee is working together to host a free event for the public on Thursday August 17th, to get their child safety seat checked for free at the Broome County Sheriff's Office located at 155 Lt. VanWinkle Drive in Binghamton from 2 to 5 pm.

Each child safety seat will be checked by a certified technician. The goal is to help families keep their children safe while on the road. In addition to the child safety seat inspections, the technicians will also be available to answer questions.

Broome County Sheriff's Office and Broome County Traffic Safety Program notes that most child safety car seats are not used correctly. That can pose serious risk to  children in the event of a crash. So, this is a good time to get it right, and keep your children safe.

Bring your child, safety seat, and if possible your vehicle and car seat safety manuals. For more information, contact the Broome County Traffic Safety Education Program at 607-778-2807.

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