With an increasing number of people adopting vegan and plant-based diets, the demand for dairy-free alternatives has surged in recent years.

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Vegan cheese has undergone tremendous improvements in texture, taste, and variety, making it an appealing option not only for those who live a plant-based lifestyle but also for those with dairy allergies.

According to a recent poll conducted by USA Today, Treeline Dairy-Free Blueberry Goat Cheese has been voted the best vegan cheese in America.

Treeline Cheese, established in Kingston, New York, in 2011, has really been on the front lines of vegan cheese innovation. The company's founder and CEO, Michael Schwarz, embraced a dairy-free lifestyle, and when he did, he realized that there was a severe lack of vegan cheese options that matched the taste and texture of traditional artisanal cheeses. Motivated by this, Schwarz developed dairy-free cheese using minimal processing and wholesome vegan ingredients.

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Highlighted in the USA Today poll is Treeline's Blueberry Goat Cheese, a cashew-based spreadable cheese that replicates the flavors and textures of traditional goat cheese. With its familiar tanginess, it has quickly become a favorite among consumers looking for a tasty plant-based alternative.

Treeline also offers other flavors which include original, garlic basil, and a variety of dairy-free French-style cream cheese, ricotta, pimento, sour cream, bleu, brie, and aged artisanal plant-based cheese wheels.

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Treeline's vegan cheese products can be found regionally at Wegmans supermarkets.

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