Governor Hochul announced that $100 million would be given to local school districts to help with the loss of learning during the pandemic. This after a nationwide survey showed some stats that concerned parents in New York.

nationwide survey was done by the 95 Percent Group and it showed that 1 in 3 parents think that their children are having problems with pandemic-related learning loss.

They are REALLY concerned when it comes to math and reading, it feels like a double whammy is being thrown at them! But wait, it gets worse. According to the survey, more than 1 in 10 parents in the Empire State think that their kids are reading below the average level for their age.

What they are finding is that they are having a major problem trying to get their children to read at home, it's been a genuine headache. Almost 30% of parents say that it's like pulling teeth to convince them to pick up a book and read outside of school.

The survey also discovered that about 1 in 6 parents in New York has a child with a learning disability. And  here is a disturbing discovery, half of them were diagnosed in 2022 or 2023. This is very concerning for everyone.

So what can parent do to try and help the little ones that they love more than anything in the world?  Getting a tutor is the #1 way they're trying to help with their child's learning loss.

23% of parents want to see more school days added to the year and 17% even want to give summer break the boot. Good luck with that, I can't imagine that would go over very well with their kids...or teachers either.

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