In New York, Christmas is the least popular day for babies to be born followed by New Year's Day and July Fourth, but what day is the most popular for babies to be born?

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I come from a huge family and in my family, we don't do anything average - especially when it comes to birthdays.

I'm the oldest and I was born on Valentine's Day. The second oldest was born on Easter and the third oldest was born on Christmas. Our grandmother was born on Father's Day and our aunt was born on Thanksgiving.

Sure, the dates of Easter, Father's Day, and Thanksgiving move from year to year, but there can be no denying that holiday birthdays are a trend in my family but they're not exactly popular with other families.

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Dr. Ashley Roman, medical director of NYU Langone's Maternal Fetal Care Center told DNA Info, "People try to avoid giving birth on holidays." Someone clearly forgot to tell my mother. 

As a little girl who absolutely hated having a birthday on a holiday and who also sympathized with my brother who shared his birthday with the world, I often wondered who else was born the same day that I was and if they also hated their birthday.

I assume that it's common for people to be curious about others who share a birthday and if you've ever wondered how many other people celebrate a birthday with you and whether or not your date of birth is a common one, we've got the answer.

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Take a big breath in and blow out the candles if you're a September baby! According to an analysis by DNAinfo of birth data obtained from the Health Department between 2004 and 2011, there was one clear date in September when most babies in New York were born and that date is...September 16.

The holidays seem to be a popular time of the year for conception across the board because the most common date of birth in the United States is September 20, mere days after the most popular date of birth in New York.


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