Are you shocked to find out the price of attending a major league football game is about to go up? Probably not because the price of everything is going up. What might surprise you though is just how expensive it will soon be to attend your favorite New York football team's game.

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According to Betway, being an NFL fan is about to get even more expensive, a conclusion they came to after factoring in the average price of a ticket, the average price of parking, the average price for a beer, the average price for a soft drink, the average price for a hot dog, and the average price of an adult jersey.

Betway released something called the 'Future Fandom Cost' Index and if you're a New York Giants fan, you might want to start setting money aside now.

Everyone already knows that catching a Giants game isn't cheap. As a matter of fact, the second most expensive team in the NFL to support is the New York Giants with an overall estimated individual cost of $343.40. That's nothing compared to the anticipated cost of supporting the team in 2025 though. By 2025, which may seem like forever away but is only 2.5 years from now, the average New York Giants fan will shell out $554.67. That's an increase of 62 percent!

Currently, the Buffalo Bills are the 14th most expensive NFL team to support with an overall estimated individual cost of $311.48  which again includes the price of stadium parking. By 2025, it's estimated that you'll be forking out about $403.30 which is a 29 percent increase.

And then there are the Jets. Currently, the New York Jets are the 31st most expensive NFL team to support and if you know anything about the NFL then you know that there are 32 teams in the league which means that the Jets are currently the second cheapest team to support just behind the Arizona Cardinals.

The current cost to support the New York Jets is $305.82, including stadium parking. By 2025, the estimated cost is expected to increase to $331.17 which is an eight percent increase.

So, enjoy the "low" prices now? 

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