After years of "gentle" parenting and "helicopter" parenting, there is a new trend that around half of New York parents say they're thinking about. It's a trend called 'authoritarian parenting,' and they are compilating it because they’re anxious about their children's future job security.

According to a survey, half of the parents in New York are looking towards a stricter kind of parenting, and they're aren't the only one.  Across the United States, almost half of the parents say they are paying more attention to their kid's educational lives. They say it's because of the uncertain job market.

As AI and other tech advancements continue to develop, parents want to prepare their kids for an uncertain kind of future. And it's not just about education; the survey found that some parents want their kids to find jobs that are secure as opposed to what they find interesting.

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The survey revealed that more parents are taking a hands-on approach. They want to organize their kids' free time with certain activities, while others are cutting back on allowances if grades go down..

Many parents admit that they would step in and take over their kid's school projects to help them get better grades. I'm glad my parents didn't do that because I'm not sure which way my grades would have gone. Okay, I'm kidding about that.

Some people see this as a response to an shaky economic future, while others are worried about the effects on their kids' well-being. So, what do you think about this? You can see the interactive map that shows how this trend is playing out across the country here.

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