Billy Morrison has released his new song “Crack Cocaine,” featuring Ozzy Osbourne and guitarist Steve Stevens.

You can hear the song below.

“Crack Cocaine” begins with some subdued, bluesy tones before exploding with a wave of guitar. Osbourne handles vocals on the track, his instantly-recognizable voice rising above the riffage with authority. Throughout the tune, lyrics compare love with addiction, like on the emphatic chorus: “Loving you is driving me insane / I put you down and pick you up again / Like Crack Cocaine.”

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Meanwhile, Morrison and Stevens -- who play together in Billy Idol's band -- trade hearty guitar licks throughout the heavy-hitting track.

'The Morrison Project' Is Loaded With Guest Stars

“Crack Cocaine” is the second song released from Morrison’s upcoming album, The Morrison Project. In addition to Osbourne and Stevens, other guest artists featured on the LP include Idol, Corey Taylor, DMC, Al Jourgensen, Steve Vai, Linda Perry, Tommy Clufetos and John 5.

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“One of the greatest things about writing this album was being able to let my guest singers do their own thing,” Morrison explained via press release. “I would send them the track with no guidelines and just had them do whatever they felt. I think that gave those songs an energy and a life force that would not be there if I had tried to get involved in their lyrics or their melodies. And I loved everything they all did!”

The Morrison Project will be released April 19.

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