I love to camp. Most weekends and all my vacations are spent at a local campground in Bradford County Pennsylvania. This is my 11th year as a seasonal camper.

My dogs love it too. Well, two out of three do. My girl, Kaygo is not a fan of leaving the comforts of her couch at home, although she has no problem taking over the couch in my camper.

We take our dogs out on leash to do their business and to take walks during the time we are at camp, and up until a few years ago, had no worries about ticks. Unfortunately, ticks have become a real nuisance for animals and humans alike.

Oddly enough, we found ticks on our dogs in the backyard of our home more than we have at camp which is deep in the country with lots of high grass and weeds. But either way, we check our dogs and ourselves many times now looking for any ticks attempting to score a free ride.

An article in Pests.org mentions that late spring, summer and early fall are the high times for ticks reproducing and finding hosts. The article takes a look at various regions in the United States, and for the northeast, it lists four species of ticks - Brown Dog, American Dog, Deer and Lone Star, with our area having an above average tick population this season.

So, when you and your pets are out in the great outdoors this warm weather season, after you return home, check your pets and yourself for any unwanted travelers trying to attach themselves to you. Ticks can cause a lot of heath issues including Lyme Disease. Check out more of what you can do for tick prevention at Pests.org.

via Pests.org

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