I don't know if it comes with age, and I'm getting up there in age, but more and more it's the little things in life get me excited.

I love to shop. Now, let me clarify that statement. I don't like to shop for clothes, groceries or hang out in stores that have nothing I would want to purchase.

My passion for shopping is more along the lines of stuff that relate to mobile DJ equipment, camping plus travel trailer stuff, various types of tools and clocks. Yea, clocks. I don't know why, but if it looks different from a normal clock, I want it. For example, I even own a left-handed clock. I'm left-handed, so why not?

Anyway, a recent purchase really excited me, and this is the reason for the purchase.
One of my car tires needed a bit of air, so I took it to a nearby gas station to use the air pump. I dropped five quarters into the machine for three minutes, and proceeded to fill the tire.

At least, that was the plan. Even though the machine was making the usual noises, it didn't dispense any air. So frustrated as I was, I went to the next gas station down the road. This time the cost was six quarters for five minutes. Being that it was dark outside and the pressure stick on the nozzle was worn to the point of no recognizable numbers, I couldn't determine how much air was in the tire.

That was about the end of that. I decided I need to buy something to inflate my tires so I wouldn't have to deal with these issues again. Up until now, I've only owned those small air pumps. You know, the ones that are good to pump up sports balls or small hand truck type tires.

So, I did some research and decided to buy my first air compressor. It's a bit on the smaller side, since I don't need anything more than to inflate tires. Well, what a great buy that turned out to be. I took it with me to my campground, quickly topped off the tires on my car, riding lawn mower, golf cart and a small hand truck.

It was so much fun, I thought about stopping any campers driving past my camper and asking them if they needed their tires inflated. And then I realized that would be a bit weird. At any rate, it was a great purchase and I bid goodbye to gas station air pumps forever. It's the little things that get me excited.

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