It’s national Nurses week. It’s a week to celebrate and recognize people that are there to help us in our time of need.


There are all types of nurses. You find them in the hospitals, nursing homes, doctors’ offices and those who travel to people’s houses to help them with medical needs in their homes.


I know a lot of the time it’s a thankless job and I know just about everybody that has ever been in the hospital has had to deal with a nurse that was a little less than pleasant. Maybe she, or he, was having a bad day or maybe they are the bad apple. There are good and bad in every profession.


I believe that there are more nice nurses than bad nurses. And I believe they deserve some recognition. When dealing with the sick in the hospital, everybody wants stuff now and there are a lot more patients than there are nurses. But yet, for the most part, they do their job with a smile on their face and they try and make you feel the best they can.


My sister Margaret is a nurse so I have to wish her a Happy Nurses week. And Happy Nurses week to all the other nurses out there.


The only problem I have with nurses in general is I think they should still wear uniforms and the sexier the better like the costumes you see hat Halloween. But seriously, when they wear scrubs, you can’t tell the difference between them, surgeons, aids, and the janitor. Bring back the white dresses and the hats. That would be awesome.

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