When I was kid, I loved getting jelly beans for Easter. It was a treat, since that's the only time I got to enjoy them. My family didn't buy much candy when I was growing up.

For some reason, as an adult, I stopped eating jelly beans. They didn't appeal to me. We all grow out of things as we get older, I guess.

Well, a few years ago, I was introduced to Jelly Bellies jelly beans. I don't remember exactly who convinced me to try them, or why, but I did. My first reaction before tasting one, was the size. I'm thinking, why are they so small compared to the jelly beans I used to get at Easter when I was a kid.

I also didn't know these types of jelly beans come in a bunch of different flavors. Well, that was a plus for me, for most of the flavors, and I became hooked. Although, since I don't drink coffee, I stay away from that flavored jelly bean. One of my favorites is the popcorn flavored jelly bean, odd as it may seem.

According the the National Day Calendar:

While candies made in a similar manner existed before the jelly bean, Boston confectioner William Schrafft made them popular during the Civil War. With their firm exterior, jelly beans were the first candies sold by the pound. Schrafft encouraged his customers to send them to Union soldiers.

Happy Jelly Bean Day. It's not just for Easter!

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via National Day Calendar

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