Today is National Dog Day according to the National Day Calendar. But, if you have a dog, every day is pretty much National Dog Day.

As a kid growing up we always had pets. We always had at least one dog a lot of times we had two dogs and at least a couple of cats. We even had a few rabbits as pets along the way and a couple of hamsters as well. I love all animals, but if I had to pick one, I think I would have to choose a dog.

In 2005, Chris and I started talking about getting a dog to add to our family. She wanted some kind of Pug or Jack Russell mix. Or even a Jack Russell Pug mix which is called a Jug.

I was telling her that I did not want a puppy because I was not looking forward to training a dog. I was telling her that it would eat all of her chairs in the dining room and her brand new Hutch that she had just purchased for the dining room. She looked at me and said, “Hutch, that would be an awesome name for a dog”.

Every time someone would post a picture of a puppy, she would show it to me and in baby talk say, “look how cute, don't you want one”.

She had one dog years before we met and that was a Golden Retriever. She kept telling me what a great dog he was. My sister, who rescues beagles, once had a Golden Retriever and I remember she was an awesome dog. So I told Chris if we are going to get any kind of dog, I would like either German Shepherd, some sort of Lab, or a Golden. So sure enough, we fond a Golden Retriever puppy and Chris fell in love with it and started calling it Hutch before we even adopted it.

So we brought Hutch home the second week of September 2005. That dog became like a son to me. Like I said, I had many dogs growing up, but Hutch was the most human-like dog I had ever met in my life.

It broke me my heart when we found out that he had cancer in September of 2014, and we had to put him down on December 2nd just 6 weeks after we got his diagnosis. We haven't gotten another dog since because it would be hard to replace him, but at least we are open to the idea now.

So let me live vicariously through you. Show us pictures of your dog below and make sure you add their name.

Here's some pictures of Hutch.

Hutch pictures


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