I'm running out of words to express how happy we all are with the progress of our Food-A-Bago 2019 food drive to help out Broome County CHOW and families in Broome County.

The support over the past five days has been beyond awesome.
The combination of non-perishable food and monetary donations, in my best guess, has equaled or surpassed previous years.

That is not to say we're done. We have the weekend to continue to collect as much food as we can. It's not really a 'reach or exceed the goal' so much as it is let's get as much food and monetary donations as we can, because the need is unbelievably great, especially this time of year.

Broome County CHOW helps so many people, the need to continually replenish their warehouse is never ending. So if we can get as much food as we possibly can, it will certainly help more families in need.

We all have rough times in our lives, and sometimes we just need a bit of help. You could be doing fine, and then experience a job loss or a medical issue which puts a strain on your finances. That's where Broome County CHOW can, and does help.

Stop by our Hillcrest RV camper in the Weis Food Market parking lot, 1290 Upper Front Street Binghamton this weekend, and give what you can, even if it's only one item or a dollar. By the way, one dollar equals four meals.

You will find one of us in the camper from 8am to 8pm both days, and then from 6 to 8am on Monday November 11th. Thanks Whale Nation for all you do for families in Broome County.

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