You've heard the joke about Binghamton ,there's two seasons, winter and construction season. Well we must be in the worst part of the construction season now. It seems like everywhere you look there is a road or two or ten under construction.

Of course you have the Prospect Mountain job that is going to be finished in 2020. Then you have jobs like Route 17 between exit 63 and 62 which had to be done right away because of the heavy rain that caused flash flooding and that damaged the bridges and the areas around the bridges. There are a ton of projects underway in Johnson City as well as downtown Binghamton. 201 is getting worked on again. How many years in a row is that?

Over by the old Heritage Country Club, they're doing work which could also cause some traffic delays. In downtown Binghamton they are taking the walk over Bridge out that used to attach the bank to City Hall. Also in Binghamton ,they're doing work on Pennsylvania Avenue which will trickle down on to 434. And, I didn't even mention the work on RT 88 and even the East Clinton St. Bridge.

I understand it has to get done but why all at once?

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