Summer is my favorite season, and it's only about half over, so there's a lot of warm or hot, sunny days (mixed in with a few rainy days) left to enjoy. And of course, autumn traditionally has about a month of decent weather too.

That's all I want to think about right now, because for me, winter, cold, ice and snow are not on my happy list, and the season lasts longer that I'd like. But that's what we get living in the northeastern part of the country, so I deal with it.

So, when I start to see things during summer that relate to the colder months, I begin to shudder. And that happened yesterday when I went shopping for groceries. The area where outdoor items have been set up, has now been replaced with Halloween candy and items.

August has just begun. Do we really have to start thinking about Halloween now? As of today (August 5th), Halloween is 86 days away. That's just under three months. I don't think we begin seeing Christmas items in the stores three months out, do we? Well, maybe I did see Christmas trees for sale in late September, but even so, in my opinion, that's too early.

Now for the real question. Will there be a Halloween this year if we are still dealing with the coronavirus? Will communities allow trick or treating? Would you feel comfortable having your kids go door to door for candy? Would you feel comfortable handing out candy to kids for Halloween?

Will Halloween parties and events be cancelled? Disney has cancelled the annual Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween events at their parks this year. I normally DJ a couple of Halloween dances every year. I'm guessing they will be cancelled.

Unless the Covid-19 numbers go down drastically, I don't see good things for this year's Halloween, but what do I know. I'm no expert. Time will tell. In the meantime, Halloween candy and props are now for sale. Hooray.

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