I had to go for physical therapy after I left work yesterday. After I was done with that I went home to finish putting away all leftover beer and soda from the Dick's Sporting Goods Open weekend festivities at our house.

When Chris came home from work she told me she had a chiropractor's appointment and if I wanted to go with her, we could go out for dinner afterward. So I jumped in her car and we made our way to her chiropractor. After she was done with her appointment we decided on Ruby Tuesday's for dinner.

When we finished eating she suggested we take a walk down to Bon-Ton and see what they had left. It was almost eerie walking around in the store with all the empty areas. There wasn't that much left to look at. She went to the ladies department and I went to the men's department. They had a couple racks of pants left so I spent about 10 minutes going through them looking at the sizes and the different styles of pants. I didn't find anything I wanted so I made my way to the ladies section to meet up with her.

I spotted her from about 30 feet away looking at something. I looked at a rack and saw a pair of pants that I thought were pretty ugly. I called her name loud enough for her to hear me, As she looked up I picked up a pair of the pants and asked 'how about these'? Here I thought I was being funny. I expected her to give me look of disgust, but instead, she reached into the pile of clothes she had in her other hand (stuff she was planning to purchase) and she held up the exact same pair of pants. I think I saved myself by admitting I have no sense of style. All I know is I would never have bought those pants for her. As I got closer to her, I was still laughing. She said, "hey, they're only $7". That's because everything was 70% to 90 percent off. So I responded with, "oh, so you bought them to wear next time you paint at the house"?

I'm just glad I didn't have to sleep on the couch last night.

Here are the pants in question. Do you agree with me?

Chris Free Photo
Chris Free Photo

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