Victims of crime in New York State will be able to get more money to replace property necessary to their health, safety or welfare that was stolen, damaged or destroyed during the incident.   

The state has raised the cap for reimbursement from $500 to up to $2,500. 

Supporters of the increased cap say the miniscule five-hundred dollar reimbursement did little to help people already traumatized by a crime and certainly failed to keep up with inflation and cost-of-living increases.



Director of the New York State Office of Victim Services, which provides help for victims and survivors of crime, Elizabeth Cronin says victims often “have their entire lives upended in a matter of minutes and the effects of their experience can linger much longer.” 

The reimbursement funds allow survivors to replace lost items and move on to focus on healing. 

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The cap applies to any claim filed since October 6 with the Office of Victim Services.   

The State regulations that took effect Wednesday, October 12, outline property that is eligible to be claimed include clothing like shoes, suits and outerwear, bedding, computers, mobile devices, transportation items like child car seats, tires or motorcycle helmet.  Personal health or safety items that could be claimed for repair or replacement include medical devices, hearing aids and eyeglasses.   

Again, the new limit is $2,500.  

In addition to replacement or repair of essential personal property, the Office of Victim Services also compensates and reimburses eligible victims for medical and counseling bills, funeral and burial expenses, relocation, security systems, crime scene clean-up costs and lost wages and support.  

Information on OVS resources can be found at 

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