The annual Adirondack Nationals Car Show was supposed to be held last week. It's a huge end of summer blowout for gearheads that gather from all over the country to show off their muscle cars, hot rods, rat rods, and pretty much anything with wheels and an engine. This year it was canceled, but a pretty good-sized group of car nuts showed up anyway and they did some traditional burnouts on Canada Street in Lake George. It left a bunch of black marks on the street and for some reason, this year people are freaking out about it. However, everyone knows this is an unsanctioned part of the event that's been going on for years, but this year it's a big deal? WNYT did report that one of the cars lost control and "took down part of a fence in front of Funa'rama Fun Park and nearly ended up in the park's pool."

As anyone who's a gearhead like me knows, doing a burnout or burning rubber or peeling out (whatever you call it) is as normal as breathing to the car culture. I've owned several classic cars in my life and I've done big 'ol smokey burnouts in every one of them. Hell, I'd even do burnouts in my wife's minivan when we had one....the neighbors loved that...haha Once those tires start spinning and you can smell that burnt rubber it gets the blood pumping and your heart racing.

If you've got the horsepower and the wallet to not worry about burning up your tires...light 'em up! Every car show I've ever been to has ended with at least a few people doing a smokey burnout for a crowd of people cheering them on. Most of the time with no harm to anyone. Sometimes the police are there to ticket a few of them, but most of the time the cops just turn a blind eye to it...unless it gets out of hand or turns into street racing. I was at one event and that's exactly what happened. A few cars did burnouts...then a couple decided to race down the street....then a few more...and then the police showed up and shut it all down.

Now, according to WNYT, the newly proposed law would give the police the ability to legally tow vehicles that were doing burnouts, violating vehicle and traffic laws, and damaging the streets. I'm actually surprised something like that wasn't already on the books in Warren County, but maybe this new law would give the police expanded authority to shut down this burnout hoodlums (that was sarcastic by the way).

In the meantime, rev it up to 5000 RPMs, sidestep the clutch, and smoke those least until this new law passes in Lake George.

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