Alice Cooper has announced his return to the stage, and he's bringing a friend: former Kiss guitarist Ace Frehley. The pair will join forces for a series of shows in September and October including a show in Utica, September 22nd.

I had the opportunity to talk to Alice Cooper a few years ago before his show at the Cool Insuring Area and Glens Falls and he told me that he can't imagine not touring and he has no plans to slow down anytime soon.

As the coronavirus pandemic was starting to wind down, Alice Cooper announced that he was one of the headliners of the Monsters of Rock Cruise that was happening in 2022. Before that happens though Alice is embarking on a tour that will take him all over the United States including a stop in Utica, NY at the Stanley Theater on September 22nd. The show will include all the theatrics that you'd expect like the famous guillotine that has chopped off Alice's head more times than you can count.

One of the funniest things that Alice Cooper said to me when I talked to him a few years ago was that there are only two people in the world that call him by his real name, Vincent Furnier. One is his mother, not even his wife calls him Vincent! The other is Keith Richards, and he calls Alice "Vinnie". I guess when you're Keith Richard you can pretty much do whatever you want.

Check out The Stanley for tickets for the Alice Cooper and Ace Frehley show on September 22nd.

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