I understand that a wedding is one of the biggest, if not the biggest day in a woman's life. And when it comes to weddings, most men will let their fiance do all the planning.

I'm all for the woman having her wedding day go the way she wants it to, but, if I was invited to this wedding, I would send back an RSVP of 'no' on the invitation the day I received it in the mail. It wouldn't even matter if it was a relative of mine or not.

This was a Strange But True story from this morning, there's a woman who's getting married in Hawaii in 2019 and she reached out to her guess and explain that there will be a dress code for the wedding.

Her dress code is based on the weight of the guests. Her message, which was found on Reddit, said women over 160 lbs are supposed to wear black heels, a black sweater, and black pants. Women under 160 lbs are to wear orange suede pants with a green velvet sweater.

There is a dress code for the men as well. Men under 200 lbs we're supposed to wear all white sneakers and a purple fuzzy jacket. Where the hell do you even find a purple fuzzy jacket? Men weighing in at over 200 lbs are supposed to show up to the wedding dressed in camouflage and black sneakers according to Reddit.

She also said that the couple wanted their guest to spend at least $1,000 on the outfit for their wedding.

And now that her dress code has gone viral, she is ticked off at the wedding guests and claims she is going to have all the guests take a lie detector test to find out who leaked her dress code information.

If this is true and not a made-up story for this woman to get her 15 minutes of fame, I hope no one goes to the wedding. That would teach this ungrateful woman a nice lesson.

Here is a tip for her fiance, Run. Run as fast as you can. Or just like the line in the Meatloaf song, 'Paradise By the Dashboard Lights', you will be "praying for the end of time".

[via Reddit]

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