The rain finally held off long enough for me to cut my grass.

It's been about two and a half weeks since I was able to mow my grass. Either it was raining or I had plans for that day after I got out of work. It was really starting to look bad. I figured at some point this weekend I would have to get it done well Friday I ended up going out with the wife so I didn't have time to do it then. Saturday after work, I did some shopping then golfed in a charity golf tournament for the BC Celtic Pipe & Drum Company. That day it sprinkled a little bit but it was raining so lately we can barely feel it. After the tournament I was little too tired and maybe had a few too many drinks to operate a lawn mower. So I set my sights on Sunday and went out with the wife. Sunday I got up we went to church after church we went out for breakfast and then I decided to start doing yard work. It looked like it was going to pour work most of the day I ended up getting the
grass cut and bagged and put away. Then I got the leaf blower out took care of the sidewalks and the driveway and then I thought it was really going to start raining so I went back inside. Sat down started watching TV. After I got out of work, I was thinking how the weather looks nice outside maybe I should go back outside and do more stuff. I didn't, but the thought is what counts right.

I don't remember a summer with this much rain. Do you?

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