Many Endicott and Endwell residents are tiring of the constant sound of vented steam being released at the former IBM manufacturing complex in the village.

While people who live near the facility want an end to the noise, the owners of the Huron Campus also hope the situation is remedied soon.

The loud, hissing noise has been heard from the site for several weeks.

Steam being vented just north of Huron Campus building 14 on September 12, 2021. Photo: Bob Joseph/WNBF News

Huron Real Estate Associates president Chris Pelto said "we're anxious to see it go." He said the venting process is costing Huron "tens of thousands of dollars a month."

Pelto said the venting is necessary while a turbine is being rebuilt out-of-state. He noted the cost of natural gas has more than doubled, increasing the expense Huron's incurring while the equipment is being repaired.

Pelto said a muffler device was installed a few weeks ago in an effort to reduce the noise from the venting. A nearby resident said that moved "did dampen the noise a little bit."

Pelto said the company rebuilding the turbine hasn't indicated when the job will be completed, so it's not known when the loud venting process will end.

The location of the steam venting has been moved a short distance west of the original site.

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