Welcome to Tuesday. It's the one day our country has been looking forward to, or as some may say - dreading, for quite some time now. Yes, I'm talking about Election Day. However and whomever you vote for, the important thing is to exercise your right to do just that...vote!

For me, yes, Tuesday means Election Day, but it's also a day to get back to catching up on all the things I normally do that was kind of put on a back burner during our week-long Food-A-Bago food drive for Broome County CHOW. As for how successful this year turned out, I'll let you know as soon as the good folks at CHOW get me the amount of food donated by good people like you.

As I've always said, no matter how much we collect, it's always a success. That's because these food donations help families in Broome County that need a little assistance during a tough time in their lives. So either way, we thank you, the Whale listener for your contribution, and Happy Tuesday!

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