This was a Strange But True story from this morning. According to The New York Post, there's a company called The Good Girls Company, they are offering an all-inclusive, four-day vacation for $1,400. It includes unlimited alcohol, food, lodging, and unlimited sex. The company promises two prostitutes for every man staying on a private island off the North Coast of Colombia. The video promoting the event, shows a man climbing onto a yacht full of bikini-clad women.

The mayor there, Sergio Londono, said officials will not allow it happen. He was on Twitter saying 'it's unacceptable that they want to sell us as a sexual destination that is not the tourism we represent'. He went on to say people participating in the all-inclusive package face deportation and the owners of the company could be charged legally

The New York Post said the private island is owned by The Good Girls Company. The add went on to say that on day two, clients can have 16 girls at once, but only for 30 minutes.

Check out the video on The New York Post website. Warning, it's not safe for work.


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