Wednesday November 11th is a very important date. It's Veterans Day. Of course we should not limit our thanks and gratitude to only one day of the year for our veterans, it should be a daily salute in my opinion.

Many members of my family and friends have proudly served our country and I am so thankful for their service. "All gave some, Some gave all" is a phrase that resonates deeply with me. My Uncle James Randall was one of those proud soldiers who gave all. Uncle Jim served in the Army in Vietnam in the early 70s as a Corporal, and was killed in action on March 10th, 1971 in Quang Ngai, Vietnam. He made the ultimate sacrifice for our country and freedom.

The history of Veterans Day is something we should all be familiar with. To learn more about Veterans Day, I suggest you visit The United States Department of Veterans Affairs website.

What can you do for our Veterans this year? Well, locally, the New York State Veterans Home in Oxford is asking for your help. On their Facebook page, they are asking for cards and letters to be passed around to the veterans. Can you imagine how much something so simple like this would make for each veteran who has given so much for your freedom and the safety of our country?

To help brighten the day of a veteran on Veterans Day, send your cards and letters to New York State Veterans Home at Oxford, 4207 NY-220, Oxford, NY 13830, Attn: Kristen Slate. Pass the word along, and check out their Facebook page for more information and pictures.

Thank you Veterans for your service, and thank you all for your cards and letters!

via U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs and NYS Veterans Home, Oxford

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