I read a new report today from PR Newswire that said the average person will go to more than one Thanksgiving dinner this year. I used to go to my sister's house on Thanksgiving and then follow that up by going to my mother-in-law's house later in the day. Once my mother-in-law passed away, we've only been going to my sisters. I remember many years ago when I was younger, I would eat at my mother's house and then going to my girlfriend's mother's house for a second Thanksgiving dinner. I think everybody overeats on Thanksgiving.

Other results from the study according to PR Newswire, the average Thanksgiving dinner will have 9 or 10 people. At my sister's house, it's more like 20. 5% of people will eat at a restaurant for at least one of their Thanksgiving dinners. I used to work at a family restaurant before I got in radio. Thanksgiving was a pretty busy day for us. You would think that after serving a ton of turkey dinners to the customers that I wouldn't even want to look at turkey. You would be wrong. The survey also found that 30 % of people are stressed out about how hard it is to juggle all the different places they need to be on Thanksgiving. Check out the PR Newswire website for more on the study.

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