As I'm sure you are well aware, today is Leap Day - a day that only comes about every four years. Here's four ways that I'm celebrating Leap Day today:

1.) I called Sofia Vergara, to ask her to record a sound byte for our station to play live on-air... but it seems she was pretty "tired" (hung over) from last night's Oscars. I wanted her to say "Happy Lip Day to all of you beautiful Whale listeners".

2.) I sent four years' worth of Happy Birthday cards to my buddy John... cause I'm a wiseguy like that.

3.) I Called four of my exes and told them to take a short leap off of a long cliff.

4.) I tried to leap into Doug Mosher's arms like one of his cats... now I have a bump on my noggin... and he has a strained back.

(Bonus) 5.) Remember... it's NEVER a good idea to try to play leapfrog with a unicorn!

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