As we all know by now, gas prices have been SKYROCKETING for the past month. They've leveled off for the past week but it's still over $4 dollars a gallon. A year ago the average price was $2.88 a gallon and a month ago it was $3.54 per gallon.

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Every time, I watch the news, we are told about things that we can do to save gas. We are told that our country wants to reduce our dependence on Russian oil and gas...which means the price will probably go up. So what can be done?

Opening up American pipelines sounds like a good idea to me but what do I know? New York could help us by suspending their state gas tax but as far as I know, only Georgia and Maryland have done so.

We could do what California is doing and hand out stimulus checks. I'm not a big fan of that kind of relief but it's probably better than nothing.

Stimulus Checks For High Gas Prices

Democratic lawmakers around the country are proposing a bill called the "Gas Rebate Act of 2022." That would give a $100 monthly energy rebate from any month this year when the gas price is above $4 per gallon.

The bill would work a lot like the stimulus checks that were sent out during the early days of the pandemic. While some see this as relief, others warn that stimulus checks would only stoke inflation, that's already running at a 40 year high.

Gas Buddy Binghamton Prices

So while we wait...and wait...and wait, I guess the best thing to do is to find the cheapest prices in our area.

According to Gas Buddy, the Top Five cheapest prices in our area are:

Scott Smith and Son: 8 Delphine Street, Owego $4.05

SNK Fuels 1065 Upper Front Street, Binghamton $4.15

Sunoco 415 West Main Street, Endicott $4.21

Sunoco 143 Riverside Drive, Johnson City $4.21

Citgo 429-431 E. Main Street, Endicott

Go here for the rest and remember these prices are as of Friday morning, March 25th, subject to change as early as this afternoon. Gas Pump: Do you want a receipt? Me: No, I want to forget the experience.

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