The Covid-19 stimulus checks started being direct deposited into people accounts two weeks ago. So far, they been sent to more than 80 million people. Some of them have already spent their money, some will never be able to spend their money because they are deceased.

The problem is people who filed a tax return this year or last year are getting the refunds and many of those that filed taxes in those two years have already passed away.

According to TMZ, the IRS was supposed to check death records before sending out payments. Either people didn't notify the IRS of people passing away, or they were in such a hurry to get the money into the hands of the 150 million eligible Americans that it was simply an oversight.

I'm still waiting on mine, but I am still working so I'm okay. I feel bad for the people who live in poverty, the disabled, and Veterans who are still waiting to get their checks. I understand that it is a tremendous undertaking to get all the checks out and that it will take sometime, but some people really need it more then others and it would have been ideal if there was a way for them to get their checks first.

According to the report the IRS is aware of the problem with some deceased getting the stimulus and that they are working on it.

[via: TMZ]

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