If you were craving a coffee this morning, and you saw this vehicle, you might think you were hallucinating, but you weren't. Or if you were driving by a Dunkin' location today and saw this, or you were driving down the highway and saw a Dunkin'-wrapped vehicle with a huge cup on the back go by, you might think your mind was playing tricks on you, but it's wasn't.

This vehicle was spotted outside of the Dunkin' location on Main Street in Endicott by Union Endicott High School on Tuesday morning.

Those at the Main Street location said it's a promotional vehicle that is in our area to help promote Dunkin's new dark roast coffee.

There are days that I am so tired I feel like I can use a cup of coffee that big. Maybe they should do some kind of promotion where they give away one of those vehicles with an insulated cup on the back. You can fill it with coffee and they can install a straw that runs up in between the seats, so you can drink it while you're driving down the road.

Today is the only day the vehicle is scheduled to be in the Binghamton area.

Besides the Oscar Mayer Wienermoblie, this may be the coolest promotional vehicle of all time. The only thing that would make this cooler would be if there was a giant donut on top of the cup, to make it look like it was being dunked in the coffee.

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