This morning I had to feel-good Strange But True story about a guy from Ontario Canada named John Dickhout. CTV News states that John needed a heart transplant after having a heart attack a few years back. His new heart came from a 22-year-old donor named Adam Prashaw. According to CTV News, Adam died from a massive seizure. John has become great friends with Adam's family. This past weekend, he decided to run in a 10k race in their hometown so they could be there for it. John had never run a marathon before he had his heart attack. When he crossed the finish line, Adam's dad was there to give him a big hug.

I myself have signed up to be an organ donor. I signed up while renewing my driver's license at least ten years ago. I'm not sure if any of my organs will be worth anything when I pass, but I figure if I'm done with them and they can save someone's life here on Earth, why not let them have them. I don't know if they do bladder transplants or not, but being that I had bladder cancer ten years ago, I don't think they would use mine anyway. Adam actually saved three more lives by donating other organs.

If you would like more info on becoming an organ donor, I found this on the government's organ donor website.

[via CTV News]

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