What do you think about when you hear the word "Halloween"? Is it candy, costumes, or pumpkins? For some, they think of the paranormal. My daughter, Tara loves to find paranormal activity wherever she can.

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Last year, she spent her birthday weekend at the Fainting Goat Island Inn in Nichols and spent most of the night checking for paranormal activity. Another time, she had her birthday dinner at the site of the former Owego Jail.

Maybe her next adventure should be to check out the Devil's Elbow on old Route 17C in Owego. This has been the site of many paranormal tales including the woman in white that would hitchhike along a section of road in the area.

Where Is The Devil's Elbow?

Devil's Elbow is located on Route 17C between Owego and Tioga Center. It runs along a steep cliff overlooking the Susquehanna River, near the intersection of Rt. 17 and Skyline Road.


Is Devil's Elbow Haunted?

According to folklorist Elizabeth Tucker, people throughout the 1800s and early 1900s reported strange sightings along the road. Many people claimed that a woman dressed in all white could be seen hitchhiking alongside the road.

She eventually become to be known as "The Lady in White." People would stop and look for her and she would vanish without a trace. The tale went like this, the "Lady in White" would ask drivers to stop at the bottom of the hill for a ride.

Who Was The Lady In White?

Tucker states that the lady was murdered but as with all legends, the stories vary on exactly what happened. She said that there are two possible versions of the "Lady in Whites" death.

Version 1: The woman was killed by a drunken patron of the tavern located at Devil's elbow.

Version 2: She and her husband were both killed by the tavern's owner. The owner stole their cow and killed them instead of giving the cow back.

Either way, in 1932, a fractured skull was found nearby and it was strongly believed that it was the "Lady in White." Tucker believes that she was killed by an ax or a board to the head. Since then, reports of her appearance have slowed down.

So is the "Lady in White" real? Only the shadow knows for sure but it makes for a fascinating story. By the way, in the late 1900s, teenagers were known to try and pull a few pranks in the area. It included hanging a white dress at the base of the hill by Devil's Elbow.

In fact, legend has it that Rod Serling wrote about that ghost in an episode of "Twilight Zone. Is this paranormal stuff for real or not? My daughter, Tara thinks it is and that's good enough for me.

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