The past 14 months or so sure has changed a lot of us during the pandemic. It's affected us in so many ways, including some who ended up working from home. Some continue to do so temporarily or permanently. My sister is hoping she will get to continue working from home.

Other changes include the way we see life. Some people have made changes for the better for whatever reason during the pandemic, and of course opinions have become more divided than I've ever seen.

Another change I've noticed, are the unusual number of inquiries I've had about camping. I think some people have found that camping can be a fun activity, one that they may have done when they were a kid, camping out in a pup tent in the backyard, or maybe they have never tried it, not wanting to spend a few nights in the wild woods.

Well, camping can mean many things. Sure, you can to the tent thing. I  did for many years, but decided to trade in my tent and air mattress for a small travel trailer. Either way, it's a great experience and you can be as remote as you want. During the pandemic, I think that was a big selling point for camping on vacation rather than flying to a destination, staying in a hotel, and basically being too close to other people.

For those who have talked to me about the camping experience, I tell them to figure out how they would like to start out. Do you want to just tent camp or maybe rent a camper to see if you like it? Many people want to be close to their comfort zone. No one likes to have a vacation ruined, especially since we get only so many a year, or for some, just one.

Camping gives you the joy of being outdoors, making friends with other campers who by the way are the nicest people you will ever meet, and there's nothing quite like sitting around a roaring campfire while enjoying your favorite beverage and enjoying a meal cooked on your BBQ grill.

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More and more families are discovering the fun of camping, and there are so many reasons to give it a try. And you can take the term 'camping' to mean whatever you want it to be, from dry camping with a tent, meaning no facilities, to owning a fancy travel trailer, fifth wheel or RV with all the amenities of home, including heating, air-conditioning, satellite tv and a king size bed. Now that's what I call comfort camping, and there's nothing wrong with that.

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