We idolize many people who become famous. Some deserve that admiration more than others. In my opinion, one of those people include Hank Aaron.

Sadly, Hank Aaron passed away today (Friday January 22nd) at 86 years of age. He was often described as the "Home Run King" because, well he was just that, and so much more.

I remember back in 1973 waiting for Hank to hit that record breaking 715th home run. But it wasn't meant to be for that season. But as you remember ( you do remember, right?) that on April 8th 1974 in Atlanta, with a record breaking attendance, the Braves faced the Los Angeles Dodgers with pitcher Al Downing on the plate.

And in the 4th inning, Hank Aaron hit home run number 715 and the stadium exploded with cheers and fireworks. It was a huge moment in sports history that will never be forgotten. Hank was not just a great baseball player, he was bigger than life, a great person.  A person we all should strive to be in our lives.

The world mourns a great man. Hank Aaron will be missed.

Hank Aaron Hall of Fame Ceremonies

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