Looking for a fun day trip, weekend or vacation stay? We have so many options within a one or two hour drive. And if you are a fan of baseball, you probably know where this is leading.

Cooperstown, New York is about an hour and a half drive from Binghamton. It's an easy drive, and the village is full of fun things to see and do. Cooperstown lies at the southern end of beautiful Otsego Lake where the Susquehanna River begins, featuring great places to visit including the Farmer's Museum - home to the Cardiff Giant, great shops and an interesting museum in the center of town that may be of some interest to you - The National Baseball Hall of Fame Museum.

I've visited the museum a few times, and I'm not a huge fan of baseball, but I love walking through the museum to lean about the history of the sport along with all the memorabilia and awards bestowed upon the best in the world of baseball.

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For those who love to attend the annual baseball Hall of fame induction ceremonies, 2020 was a huge disappointment, having to be cancelled due to the pandemic, but it's back this year. The induction ceremony will take place outdoors on September 8th according to the National Baseball Hall of Fame website.

The Baseball Hall of Fame did not choose any candidates for induction for 2021, so this year's ceremony will celebrate the induction of the Class of 2020 including Larry Walker, Ted Simmons, Derek Jeter and Marvin Miller. For more information about this year's induction ceremony, visit the National Baseball Hall of fame website.

via National Baseball Hall of Fame

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