I'm not a huge fan of baseball, or really have a favorite team, but I do follow what's going on in the world of professional baseball. I was paying attention to New York Yankee's Aaron Judge's home run record run, which he tied recently, and then on October 4th,  broke the American League record with his 62nd home run.

The record was broken at Globe Life Field in Arlington, Texas. Too bad it didn't happen at Yankee Stadium. It would have been that much sweeter with the home crowd cheering Judge on. It was a great night for Globe Life Field with an attendance of 38,832. That is the largest so far to attend a game at the 3-year-old stadium, according to WPIX-TV.

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And, it would have been nice to see a Yankee fan catch that 52nd home run ball. But alas, it was a Texas Ranger fan. Well, good for him. The question is, what will he do with that now-famous baseball?

According to WPIX-TV, a sports memorabilia auction house owner has offered $2 million to the person who caught the baseball. When the fan was asked what he was going to do, at that time he didn't know. Maybe he's waiting for a better offer.

The WPIX-TV article reminds us of the record price that was paid for Mark McGwire's 1998 70th home run. That baseball went for $3 million dollars. So, if you were the lucky person to catch that baseball, what would you do? Would you just keep it, wait for the highest bid, or give it back to Aaron Judge?

If I caught that baseball, I'd go for the highest bidder for sure. Can you imagine? Catch a baseball and be set for life. Well, that is until the taxman comes knocking at your door.

[via WPIX-TV]

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