Well, this is a bit of information I did not know. Apparently, there has been a law on the books in New York State that prohibits the practice of barbering on a Sunday. When I heard about a change coming to this law, I was shocked. Of all the crazy laws we've done away in the past, this one is a doozy. Who knew? Well, Not me.

According to the New York State Governor's office website, Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed into legislation repealing the law. I'm guessing the law was rarely, if ever enforced anyway. The law has already gone into effect. Barbershops and salons can now be open on Sunday if they choose.

That's got to be good news for those businesses who have been hit hard by the pandemic. Now if they choose to open to help get their barbershop or salon back on it's feet financially, they have another day each week to do so. This was a step in the right direction from the New York State Government.

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It makes me wonder what other laws are still in effect in New York State and Pennsylvania that should change or be eliminated. I'd like to see alcohol sales be allowed in Pennsylvania on Sundays and holidays. New York did away with that restriction long time ago, and PA needs to follow suit in my opinion.

Well, at least I can get a haircut now on a Sunday legally. Not that I ever have in the past...as far as you know.

via NYS Governor's Office

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