This weekend is graduation weekend in the Binghamton Area. Pennsylvania schools are already out. I went to school in Pa, and I think we graduated the first week of June.

Graduating high school was a bitter sweet event. You couldn't wait for high school to be done so you could start the next chapter of your life, but you knew you wouldn't see a lot of your friends that much if ever again.

A lot of kids went onto college, some kids went into the military, and others joined the workforce. One things for sure, once you leave high school, stuff gets real.

You look back at your high school days and think, it really wasn't that bad. College is much harder, having a real job is tough, and the military has to be the toughest of them all.

I enjoyed myself in high school. I had a lot of friends and I didn't work too hard. There are a lot of friends that I haven't seen since graduation, or at least since the summer after graduation. I hung out with a few before moving up to Binghamton and I still stay in touch with a lot of them through Facebook.  But some of them haven't been seen or heard of by my fellow classmates since we finished school.

So my tip to those seniors that are graduating this weekend. Take a good look around at the ceremony because it could be the last time you see some of your friends. I'm sure it's easier nowadays with social media, but get their contact info now if you want to stay in touch with them.

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