For those students who are graduating college or high school this year, Covid-19 certainly has not been a friend. Many, if not all, will miss out on the usual graduation ceremony or be able to attend prom.

Well, according to WKRC-TV 6 in Ohio, a couple of Ohio school districts may have found a way to put on a unique graduation ceremony. They contacted a local drive-in theatre to host their senior graduation ceremonies.

WKRC-TV 6 reports:

Three hundred cars will be let in at a time. If a graduating class is bigger, they can hold more than one ceremony. To adhere to social distancing guidelines, cars will park in between speaker posts, staying six feet apart.

WKRC-TV 6 also mentions that the theatre staff will only allow two people at a time in the bathrooms, and will clean them after each use.

What the schools decide to put up on the big screen will be up to them. This idea may be much cooler than a traditional one. Maybe even cap off the evening with a free movie, popcorn, snacks and drinks.

In my opinion, graduation ceremonies can be too long and boring. This is one graduation ceremony I could really get into as a student or a parent. Too bad we don't have any drive-ins left in the Binghamton area.


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