Parents do not ever want to fear for their child's safety when getting on and off the bus, but this should put at least some of those fears at ease.

Governor Andrew Cuomo on Tuesday signed into law legislation that allows school district to put cameras on stop arms of school buses.

The hope is that these cameras will catch drivers who try to pass stopped school buses on tape. Drivers who do pass a stopped bus would face $250 in tickets, or higher if they are a repeat offender.

This is a big move for student safety. Back in May, the Norwich City School District posted on its Facebook page a video of a student who narrowly avoided a car that was illegally passing the stopped bus on the shoulder of a road. Luckily, the bus driver grabbed the student to prevent him from getting off as the car drove by:

Districts who would like to use cameras may begin to do so in 30 days, right around the time school starts back up for the year.

It will be up to the New York's school district though to determine if their buses will have cameras installed.

Fines collected from violators will be split between local school districts and municipalities.

According to the governor's office, 1.5 million students ride buses to and from school in New York State.

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