Six weeks ago we had a blizzard with three feet of snow. This week I have to mow the grass. Yesterday, my one neighbor mowed his lawn for the third time already. Seriously, dude, you are making the rest of us in Endicott look lazy.

Binghamton weather really is crazy. I remember talking to a meteorologist once who told me that this area is one of the hardest places to predict the weather because of the lakes, snow belts, and something about the mountains or something. I remember when I used to drive up from PA. I would be driving up 81 in the sunshine then I would get to the state line and see the clouds. Friday was just the opposite, It was cloudy in Binghamton and I was heading to PA. By the time I got to the Montrose exit on 81 it was sunny.

I know weather changes and it's hard to forecast. Last Sunday (Easter) I was looking a week ahead to yesterday. The forecast then was saying that yesterday would be mostly cloudy and 55. Hell, it was still looking that way until the middle of the day on Friday. Then it changed to mostly sunny and 70 something for the high.

Then we have days that start out in the 30's, get up to the 70's and back down into the 30's at night. It's nuts!

I don't like it when it's hot and humid, but I can't wait until it's at least 75 every day.

I'm glad I'm not a not a meteorologist! I think I would pull my hair out.


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