My backyard is a mess. except in the middle of that mess, there is a nice little pond with goldfish. Otherwise, my backyard is a mess. Just making that quite clear.

The problem stems from a couple of trees that suck the water out of the ground like it's a water-aholic. I made that word up. There's not much sun getting through, so that doesn't help either. Then add my Greyhounds racing and tearing through the lawn, and you get mostly dirt, rocks and dust.

A few weeks ago, as I was minding my own business in my own backyard, I heard someone mutter something. Normally I ignore human voices emanating into my backyard, because it's just the neighbors to the left of my property screaming at each other. The two family house on the right side, has been empty for about 10 years. That was until a couple of months ago.

The new owner was in the backyard, trying to get my attention. I responded, he introduced himself and then mentioned he has brought in a few tree removal services to look at a tree on his property and one that straddles our properties.

Not sure who exactly owns the tree, but he asked if we could have it taken down since it's old and the tree services said it could come crashing down at any time. So, we split the difference. Well, I still owe some on it, and the tree is now gone along with the other tree on my neighbors property.

What a difference it has made in my backyard, and my neighbor's backyard. There's a bright orange ball glaring down on our properties. So guess what? The grass and weeds are growing like crazy. I'm trying to keep up with the lawnmower and weed wacker to keep all that vegetation down., Maybe I should buy a goat, or get more Greyhounds to knock down all that green stuff. As they say, "The grass isn't always greener on the other side." Well, it is now.

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